With the recent release of the brand new OnePlus 9 smartphone in the smartphone segment, the company has once again reaped great success in the global smartphone market. The smartphone was launched amidst great fanfare and had received a lot of criticism from different quarters. The first few smartphones of this brand have fallen under the mid-budget range where they have been unable to make an impact. However, with the latest release of the Oxygen Plus model this fall, things have changed drastically. The OnePlus models have been able to ride the mobile phone baggy wave to great success.

If you have not yet purchased one of these oneplus nord ce devices and are planning to buy one, then you would be well advised to take your time while deciding on the best Oneplus Nordic CE. The company has recently released two variants of this device – one with an ES90+ memory chip and another with the standard SIM slot. This is just the beginning, as the company is gearing up to launch additional variants in the near future. While there might be instances where the standard handset comes with similar specifications, it would always be better to go in for an extra bit of storage space. That said, the pre-order period for this device ends today, so those who have yet to place their order can stop worrying about it.

The Oneplus Nordic CE features a large 5.5 inch capacitive Android Sense screen, which offers great viewing ability even on bright outdoor lights. This also offers great performance, despite having a large bezel. The phone comes with a powerful octa-core processor along with 4.5GB internal memory, which allows for smooth performance even on heavy tasks. Though the connectivity options in the pre-order version of the Oneplus Nordic CE did not include GSM or CDMA, this model comes with the latter already installed. The phone also comes with an IR remote control, a heart rate monitor, a wet cell battery and a micro SD storage variant with up to 64GB of storage capacity.

If you are looking for cutting-edge features and a modern feel, then you should probably look at the Oneplus Nordic model. This is the hands down winner in terms of power, features and battery life, thanks to its powerful processor and ample memory. A dual-core processor is coupled with an Adreno GPU for smooth game play. A full QWERTY keyboard enables quick and easy navigation, and the entire phone looks great with a high definition display, stunning colors and clear touch resolution.

One of the most impressive features of this smartphone is the availability of an extremely useful Android interface. The interface has been designed in a manner that makes it extremely easy to use and is packed with useful widgets and features. You get a large calendar, dialer and address book. You can store your email in the Oneplus Hub, and there is an array of other handy software features such as text-to-speech capability, built-in dictionary and image viewer. For a smooth and effortless software experience, try the Oneplus Nordic. The software experience is just as smooth on the Nokia E71 that comes with a slightly lesser build and more unique features.

The best thing about this mid-range smartphone is its excellent software experience. It has the latest versions of all the popular Android operating systems including Jellybean and Kit Kat. With a beautiful display and a long battery life, the Nokia E71 is definitely a great buy. If you are looking for an affordable price that offers amazing performance and a remarkable software experience, you should definitely consider buying the Oneplus Nordic.