Traders who are new to the crypto space may be hesitant to use Bitsgap, but seasoned traders will love its arbitrage feature. Bitsgap combines a Stop-Loss order and a Take-Profit order into one and executes it once it meets certain conditions. This helps to minimize risk and lock in profit gains while not personally trading on any exchange. For more information, read on.

Users can also use its automated trading platform to trade on various exchanges. Bitsgap offers signals and arbitrage opportunities, as well as support for many exchanges. This tool also offers a demo interface, and its supported range is up to 25. It also provides access to its own trading bot, GRID, which allows traders to set investment limits and proportionally distribute investments. A basic understanding of the flat markets is required to use Bitsgap.

After registering with Bitsgap, traders can choose one of three paid plans, depending on their needs. Basic and Advanced plans include two active grid bots, ten DCA bots, and unlimited smart orders. The Premium plan, on the other hand, includes 5 active grid bots and ten DCA bots. Users can also access premium customer support and receive priority email notifications. Regardless of the plan that you choose, Bitsgap offers a 14-day free trial.

Users are able to set a lot of privacy and security settings on Bitsgap. By default, Bitsgap does not perform KYC checks. Linked exchanges will complete the checks. Users can pair exchanges with Bitsgap by entering their API Key and Secret Key. These are obtained from their exchanges and can be found on their accounts or in the security settings. However, users are encouraged to take advantage of this free trial before committing to a paid plan.

As part of its rebranding, Bitsgap has introduced a new design that emphasizes its interaction with users and tailor-made crypto services. The new design aims to promote cryptocurrency trading as a mainstream investment. With this rebranding, Bitsgap is making cryptocurrency trading easier than ever. You can now trade in over 20 major crypto exchanges, including Binance, and the Bitsgap marketplace.

When trading on Bitsgap, traders can use different order types, like trailing take profit (TPS) and stop-loss (SL). With trailing take-profit, users can profit from even the smallest price movements, while minimizing their losses. Bitsgap has two different strategies for setting stop-loss: the Classic bot uses the same amount of base currency across all grids. The SBOT bot uses a different amount of base currency in each grid level, and it can work alongside various indicators.

Another way Bitsgap has changed the crypto market is by introducing high-performance GRID bots to automate trades. With these robots, you can automatically trade over a thousand transactions per hour. Moreover, you can connect to different exchanges with the help of special bots. In addition, Bitsgap offers payouts for clients. You can even earn bonuses by referring new users. So what’s so great about Bitsgap?