Let’s discuss what are digital assets:

When we have things that are valuable but are not physical and can only be stored or owned digitally then we come to know that there are things such as digital assets. We play crypto games that offers us digital assets that have certain values and their values keeps on changing too.


Where it is often used nowadays,

When we stepped into the new world of cryptocurrencies, crypto games and blockchain we were confused that what exactly is this all made for and what is the reason of making these digital currencies. To introduce new forms of payments cryptocurrencies were introduced and to this date there are thousands of cryptos and hundreds of crypto games on the blockchain technology.

The defi is mostly being opted out for its use case and several banks are being motivated to use this as a technology for their transaction because of its partiality and almost error free programming. Games on the blockchain gained attraction in past few years but before that it was not very much reliable method of earning.

The chances of data breach:

If we look at the chances of data breach and all that then there are very few chances that anything like this will happen due to a strong chain of network it is not easy to hack a blockchain network and steal assets of users available on the network. On the blockchain a transaction can be traced to its origin and this reduces the chances of any sort of malfunction in system.


Some important key points to notice:

·         The way a blockchain project is programmed makes it almost impossible to edit it again because it is made that way that one cannot simply just overwrite the program.

·         Crypto games are one of the best sources for earning cryptos as rewards.

·         The NFT earned as a reward while playing a game can be more valuable than a cryptocurrency itself.


Probability of growth in this technology:

Well, with increasing use case of these cryptos and games that are played on it, the world has started accepting this advance but useful stuff as a important need. The younger generation very well understands how they can use this system to improve the security of a particular thing and this is also increasing employment too for the newbies who are interested in this technology.

As per my views:

I believe that the rise in demands of secured wallets and better theft protection tools, the blockchain will be a wonderful solution to these problems and earning these cryptos through https://crypto.games  is a good way to start getting into the P2E concept.