In this article, we will compare Kraken versus Coinbase. We will compare the fee structure, deposit and withdrawal methods, and the security of each. This will help you decide which service is best for your needs. You can also use the drop-down menu to choose the currency you’ll use. Once you’ve chosen a currency, you can deposit and withdraw funds through Kraken. For security, 95% of Kraken’s assets are stored in offline wallets.

Coinbase is licensed to provide services to customers in 45 jurisdictions, including the US. This means they are regulated by the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority. However, Kraken has more crypto assets than Coinbase. Coinbase supports 150+ assets, whereas Kraken supports only about 120. In addition, Coinbase supports more base account currencies. In addition to USD, Kraken supports EUR, GBP, and AUD. Both sites let you deposit funds using USD, EUR, or GBP, but only a small portion of the cryptocurrencies are supported.

In terms of security, both Kraken vs Coinbase are secure and safe. Coinbase offers more security features and protection policies than Kraken, while Kraken’s trading interface is user-friendly and straightforward. Its low fees are also a plus. Plus, it offers passive cryptocurrency rewards for users. Both exchanges offer international access, including 48 U.S. states. Coinbase’s servers are located in cold storage, minimizing hacker attacks and protecting your funds.

Kraken is another US-based cryptocurrency exchange. Founded in 2011, Kraken has offices worldwide and customers in 185 countries. Kraken distinguishes itself with its competitive trading prices. It was one of the first platforms to support Bitcoin, and now offers more than 90 other crypto currencies. As such, Kraken is a top choice for many US-based investors. Its low fees and high trading limits make it a popular choice for new and experienced investors alike.

While both exchanges offer similar features, they have distinct strengths and weaknesses. Coinbase has a higher level of regulation and offers a separate wallet for storing your crypto. Kraken has fewer trading fees, while Coinbase’s fee structure is simpler and faster to use. Both sites offer a comprehensive education center and webinar series. Both offer advanced technical indicators, advanced charting tools, and margin trading. You can use Kraken to learn more about crypto, but don’t forget that they have different trading styles.

In terms of support, Kraken provides 24 hour phone and email support. Kraken is known for its low fees, but some users find it difficult to fund their accounts. Coinbase is a larger and more beginner-friendly crypto exchange. Among its features are its cryptocurrency support and educational rewards, and limited crypto-backed loans. There are also more than a dozen additional cryptocurrencies supported by Kraken, so there is something for everyone.